Events & Meetings | October 26th, 2020

4th jENS Congress of joint European Neonatal Societies on 14-18 September 2021

An ESPR event in Athens, Greece

The Congress of join European Neonatal Societies (jENS 2021) represents a renowned international event during which neonatologists and neonatal care professionals from around the world gain unparalleled access to the best scientific research and clinical care programmes available.

Attendees from all levels of neonatal care are welcome. A large-scale panel of leading international experts, who have personally contributed to state-of-the-art developments in the areas of neonatal care and research, are awaiting you.

Main topics:

  • Neurology
  • Cardiac Physiology Pathology
  • Neonatal Pulmonology, Neonatal Respiratory Support, Resuscitation
  • Perinatal Pharmacology and Anethesia
  • Epidemiology & Networks
  • Neonatal Fetal Nutrition and Metabolism
  • Nursing and Healthcare professionals
  • Neonatal GI Physiology & NEC
  • Neonatal Hematology and Bilirubin
  • Circulation Macro Microcirculation
  • Neonatal Infectios Diseases / Immunology
  • NICU Quality Improvement, Parents Centre Care
  • Perinatal Practices
  • Follow Up

Abstract submission deadline is May 12, 2021.

For more information on jENS 2021 and to register, please click here.